Gainesville, GA
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Pricing Information

10 Reasons to Choose CitruSolution for Your Carpets!

1. Citrus Power

Citrus cleaning agents extracted from citrus peels.

2. Cleans Better Not a soap or shampoo process

Dries in 1-2 hours.

3. Stays Cleaner Longer

Leaves a citrus barrier between you and your carpet.

4. Low Moisture 

No messy water extraction

5. Minimizes Allergens

Has provided relief from allergy symptoms for many of our clients.

6. Guaranteed Quotes

No hidden or added charges.

7. Quality Service Ethical, Professional & Reliable

We guarantee your satisfaction.

8. Locally Owned

We live and work in your neighborhood & community.

9. No Scotchguard

No need for add-on products or services.

10. Kid & Pet Friendly

 An environmentally safe way to have your carpets cleaned.
We offer a premium carpet cleaning service as good as any currently available at a competitive price. How can we do this?  As a locally and family owned carpet cleaner, we have lower overhead than our competition. You enjoy the personal touch of the owner performing each job personally, but don't pay for a large staff and office building.

  • Tired of the bait and switch game?
  • Tired of reading through all the disclaimers in fine print?
  • Tired of answering an ad for a low price only to be charged more for spots, stains, high traffic areas, Berber carpet, etc?  
If you didn't have any of these issues, why would you be having your carpets cleaned in the first place? Notice there are no asterisks next to our prices!

Ask other companies you are getting quotes from if you can fill in the dollar amount of the check before they start the job. You can with us.
Why? The only time a price will change is when an area or item has been added, or additional services are requested.

We will always guarantee and honor our quotes.Please click to email or call. We look forward to earning your business!

Residential Rate
                                           Minimum Charge: $85.00

Standard Rooms                                                                $40.00

Over-sized Rooms (20' x 20' +)                                    $60.00

Stairs (per flight)                                                                $40.00

Halls                                                                                        $20.00

Sectionals                                                                               $120.00

Sofas                                                                                        $75.00

Loveseats                                                                               $55.00

Chairs                                                                                      $35.00

Ottomans                                                                               $20.00

Area / Oriental Rugs                                                          $40.00 & up

 Benefect Disinfectant is available for treating problematic pet odors for an ADDITIONAL $10.00 per room.